Terminating a Major or Program

Questions to Consider

  • Are other relevant departments aware of this proposal and its possible effects on their curricula?
  • Are there any courses that are no longer necessary, so should be deactivated?
  • How will the termination affect students currently enrolled in the major?
  • Will the changes affect staffing resources and needs?

Procedure to Follow

  • In Curriculog, fill out the Program Termination form.
  • If courses are being deactivated, fill out the relevant Deactivate Course forms.
  • Attach a cover letter that includes a list of all the documents you are submitting.
  • The proposal must be submitted through Curriculog to the Provost's Office by the deadline.
  • Attend the relevant Curriculum Committee meeting to present the proposal.
  • Attend the relevant Faculty Senate meeting to answer any questions that may arise.
  • Remember that if your changes are approved, they will not take effect until the next academic year.