Reactivating a Previously-Deactivated Course


If you have previously deactivated a course, you can follow this procedure to request that it be reactivated.  Note that when you reactivate a course, you may need to make some changes, as deactivated courses do not undergo modifications.  For instance, if you deactivate a 300-level course and then add a set of prerequisites to all 300-level courses, you will need to add those prerequisites if you reactivate the course.  As with all other requests, reactivated course requests cannot go into effect until the following catalog year.

Questions to Consider
  • Why is this course being reactivated?
  • How does the reactivation of this course affect your program, major, or minor?  Do these need to be revised in any way?
  • Does the reactivated course need to be changed in any way?  (If so, you can do this on one form by checking both "Reactivate" and "Change.")
Procedure to Follow
  • In Curriculog, fill out the Reactivate Course form.
  • Attach a cover letter that includes a list of all the documents you are submitting.
  • If the course is cross-listed, attach an acknowledgement from the cross-listing department.
  • If the course is to be used by another major, minor, program, etc., that program would also need to submit a program change form.
  • The proposal must be submitted through Curriculog to the Provost's Office by the deadline.
  • Attend the relevant Curriculum Committee meeting to present the proposal.
  • Attend the relevant Senate meeting to answer any questions.