Changing a Major or Program

Questions to Consider

  • What was the mission of the major as it was previously conceived?
  • Do the planned changes alter that mission? If so, how do they affect the goals, objectives, and intended outcomes of the major?
  • Will the changes widen or narrow the major's larger liberal arts purposes in constructive ways?
  • Are other relevant departments aware of this proposal and its possible effects on their curricula? Will courses be cross-listed, and will an overlap be avoided?
  • How do the changes affect the beginning, middle, and end of the curriculum development built into the major?
  • How will the changes affect students currently enrolled in the major? Can students reasonably finish the major in four years?
  • Will the changes affect staffing resources and needs?

Procedure to Follow

  • In Curriculog, fill out the Major/Program Change form.
  • If you're making substantial changes, attach a chart showing that a student can still meet graduation requirements within four years.
  • State the minimum number of credit hours required to complete the major and justify this number. 
  • Are courses from other departments being added or removed from the major? If so, attach an acknowledgement from the relevant department.  (You may wish to consult the catalog for information about specific courses.)
  • attach a cover letter that includes a list of all the documents you are submitting.
  • The proposal must be submitted through Curriculog to the Provost's Office by the deadline.
  • Attend the relevant Curriculum Committee meeting to present the proposal.
  • Attend the relevant Faculty Senate meeting to answer any questions that may arise.
  • Remember that if your changes are approved, they will not take effect until the next academic year.