Faculty Curriculum Committee


The Faculty Curriculum Committee (FCC) works with the Registrar's Office, the Provost's Office, and other College-wide committees to evaluate each proposed change to the College undergraduate curriculum.  (Changes to graduate programs are handled by the Committee on Graduate Education) In particular, the FCC attempts to ensure that all changes are rigorous, well-designed, and consistent with the College's overall mission.

The chair of the committee is Xi Cui (Communication). The full roster is available here.

On the FCC website, you will find the following:

The Faculty Senate has an archive of FCC minutes.

Please feel free to contact the committee chairs with any questions that are not covered on this site.

Curriculum Committee Schedule for 2021-2022

Originators/proposal launchers: Please monitor your proposals in Curriculog to ensure they move through the review steps on time, and contact the respective reviewer (chair/program director, dean and provost) if/when the proposal sits idle for more than 7 days.

Proposal is approved by originator in Curriculog 2-3 weeks before, to arrive at Provost's Office by...1

Present proposal to Committee on...

Approved proposal will be forwarded to Senate by...

Senate will consider proposal on...


























3/4 (& 3/18) 2022


4/5 (& 4/12) 2022


1This is NOT the proposal's submission date. After submission in Curriculog, a proposal may take 2-3 weeks before arriving at the Provost's Office. Therefore, and to avoid delays, the originator should monitor the review steps in Curriculog and contact the respective reviewer (chair/program director, dean and/or provost) if the active proposal sits at a step for more than 7 days (one week) without action.

2Provost's step deadline for new degrees, programs and certificates. New degrees, programs and certificates require review by Academic Planning and Budget Committees prior to Senate consideration, then approval by the Board of Trustees (mid-October) before the SACSCOC's and CHE's submission deadlines of January 1 and February 1 respectively. 

3Provost's step deadline for changes of 50% or more to existing programs. 

4Provost's step deadline for new minors and BPS concentrations, which must also be reviewed by Academic Planning and Budget Committees prior to Senate consideration.

5Provost's step deadline for prerequisite/co-requisite-change, credit-hour change requests, placement scores, and course number.  Changes to a course's co/prerequisites, credit hours, placement scores, and course number for the 2022-2023 academic year, MUST arrive at the Provost's step by this date.

6Provost's step deadline for new course proposals AND new courses proposed to fulfill a general education requirement.

7Proposals that do not reach the Provost's Office by 2/4/2022 will not be considered, this includes existing courses proposed to fulfill a general education requirement. All 2021-2022 Undergraduate, Graduate and General Education Curriculog forms will be deactivated and unavailable for use after 2/18/22. The new 2022-2023 forms will be activated and ready for use no later than July 1, 2022 (once U and G catalogs are finalized and posted). Faculty can continue to work on curriculum offline during the period of deactivation.  All undergraduate proposals that are created on 2021-2022 forms, but do not make the last meeting agendas of the Faculty Curriculum Committee (3/4/22 or 3/18/22 if the latter is needed) must be deleted and restarted in 2022-2023 using the new forms and the new catalog.


  • New minors and changes to minors do not require submissions to CHE, but stand-alone minors (without a parent major) do require approval by SACSCOC, which may take 4-6 months following the submission of a program notification.
  • For implementation in the following fall, existing programs with 50% or more changes, and new programs and certificates require approval by both Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees by December 1, and then approval by SACSCOC (submission received by SACSCOC by January 1) and CHE (submission by February 1 for new programs).  
  • Program modifications totaling 19 hours or more must be approved by Faculty Senate no later than its 2/1/2022 meeting for implementation the following fall.
  • Changes for concentrations or programs totaling 18 credits or less may be approved at the last spring Senate meeting for fall implementation of the same calendar year.


 Getting Started

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