Guidelines for Interdisciplinary Programs

By their very nature, interdisciplinary programs need to meet different critera from other programs. Here are some guidelines for the development of interdisciplinary programs:

  1. All interdisciplinary programs should have a required introductory course, capstone, or experiential-learning course that pulls together the various interdisciplinary threads.
  2. Each course in an interdisciplinary program must have at least one-third of its content dedicated to the subject of the program.
  3. Students must take courses from at least two disciplines (or two courses that are explicitly multidisciplinary).
  4. The catalog should contain a complete list of courses that qualify for the interdisciplinary program.
  5. All relevant departments must indicate (via signature of the department chairs), an explicit committment to deliver the necessary courses.
  6. Program directors for interdisciplinary programs should normally receive a stipend and/or course release.
  7. All of these guidelines apply to all new and existing interdisciplinary programs.