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Faculty Curriculum Committee


The Faculty Curriculum Committee (FCC) works with the Registrar's Office, the Provost's Office, and other College-wide committees to evaluate each proposed change to the College undergraduate curriculum.  (Changes to graduate programs are handled by the Committee on Graduate Education, Continuing Education, and Special Programs
.) In particular, the FCC attempts to ensure that all changes are rigorous, well-designed, and consistent with the College's overall mission.

The chair of the committee is Gibbs Knotts (Political Science).  The full roster is available here.

On these pages, you will find the following:

Please feel to contact the committee chair with any questions that are not covered on this site.

Curriculum Committee Schedule for 2015-2016

Submit proposal to Provost's Office by...

Present proposal to Committee on...

Approved proposal will be forwarded to Senate on...

Senate will consider proposal on...

8/28/2015 9/18/2015 9/24/2015 10/6/2015
9/25/2015 10/16/2015 10/22/2015 11/3/2015
10/30/2015 11/20/2015 11/24/2015 12/8/2015
12/7/2015* 1/15/2016** 1/28/2016 2/9/2016
2/5/2016 2/26/2016 3/3/2016 3/15/2016
2/26/2016 3/18/2016
3/24/2016 4/5/2016

*Deadline for prerequisite-change and credit-hour change requests.  If you want to change a course's prerequisites or credit hours for the 2016-2017 academic year, you MUST submit the request by this date.

**Note that this is a CCSD teacher workday.

Getting Started

What change would you like to make to the curriculum?